Transtar's Full Line of Adhesives & Sealants

Transtar has offered customers a full line of high performing adhesives, sealants and associated products for almost 30 years.  From metal bond and plastic repair to seam sealers and adhesives, Transtar has a product for every project! Also, Transtar is currently launching several new products in a convenient, easy-to-use 200mL cartridge. This cartridge fits easily into our #4450 gun as well as most industry leading brands’ guns.  To find out more about Transtar’s full line of adhesives and sealants, visit

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Transtar is pleased to announce that both Door Skin Adhesive, #1728, and Panel Bond Adhesive, #1738, are available with a lifetime warranty. These products provide a durable bond for the life of vehicle given the materials are used in accordance with Transtar’s published application and use procedures.

These products are designed for bonding metal to metal (steel or aluminum), SMC, FRP/Fiberglass, or composites in full or partial panel replacements of:

  • Door skins
  • Roof skins
  • Quarter panels
  • Pickup truck box sides (inner and out panels)
  • Rear body panels
  • Other outer body sheet metal

#1728 & #1738 Advantages:

  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • Ability to weld through when wet
  • Bonds and seals seams simultaneously
  • Easy to sand
  • High strength, high impact resistant bond
  • Built in spacer (glass beads) to assist in obtaining proper bond-line thickness
  • Use on a wide variety of substrates
  • Can be accelerated with heat (return vehicle after 24 hours)
  • Cartridge fits guns recommended by most other industry leading brands in addition to Transtar’s #4450 gun
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“On the ninth day of Transtar, my sales rep gave to me, nine-ty Minute Panel Bond Adhesive, eight types of clearcoats, seven Ultimate Finish System™ products, six Kwik Seal 2K Sealers, five Classic Products, four Trim Kut Abrasives, three finishes of Trim Black, 2 in 1 Primers, and a case of All in One Detailer.”

Transtar’s 90 Minute Panel Bond Adhesive (#1738) is a multi-use, glass sphere-filled epoxy adhesive that provides a superior bond and seal. It is part of Transtar’s two-part adhesive line and is ideal for door skins, roof skins, fenders, quarter panels, cab corners, and medium to large sized panels.

Transtar is very excited to announce two new products in our Bond-Tec® line: #1728 – 50 Minute Door Skin Adhesive and #1738 – 90 Minute Panel Bond Adhesive. With a quick dry time, #1728, 50 Minute Door Skin Adhesive, is ideal for use on door skins but can also be used on fenders, quarter panels, cab corners, and small to medium sized panels. #1738, 90 Minute Panel Bond Adhesive, is also suitable for door skins as well as roof skins, fenders, quarter panels, cab corners, and medium and large sized panels. Both #1728 and #1738 are multi-use, glass sphere-filled epoxy adhesives that provide a superior bond and seal.  #1728 and #1738 can be used on non-structural bonding applications of metal, aluminum, fiberglass and SMC. Both of these products come in a 200ml cartridge and easily fit into Transtar’s #4450 gun or other leading brands’ guns.

For a limited time, both of these new Metal Bond Adhesive products are available as part of an introductory kit. The 1700 – Metal Bonding kit includes:

  • 1 Package of #1700N (6 extra static mix tips)
  • 2 Cartridges of #1728
  • 2 Cartridges of #1738
  • 2 Trim cut discs, #3667
  • 1 Arbor, #3607
  • 1 Pair of Transtar safety glasses

For more information on the kit and how you can get one, contact your local Territory Manager or our Customer Service Department (800.824.2843). Remember, kits are for while supplies last only!

Bond-Tec® line: #1728 – 50 Minute Door Skin Adhesive and #1738 – 90 Minute Panel Bond Adhesive.
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