1K Frame Black Industrial Enamel

Transtar’s 8837-01 Frame Black is a high performance single component (1K) Direct-To-Metal DTM coating designed for heavy duty chassis systems. 8837-01 Frame Black is formulated with a specially modified polymer, corrosion inhibiting pigments, and a unique anti-sag agent. This product provides excellent adhesion, good corrosion resistance, and fast productive dry times. The anti-sag agent is a very unique addition that allows for fast, easy 1-coat applications eliminating runs and sags. 8837-01 Frame Black can also be converted to a 2K DTM polyurethane system by adding Transtar’s 8604 Polyurethane Activator at a 12:1 mix ratio. The added benefits and faster cure times are due to the higher crosslink density of the polyurethane enhancement.
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    Reducer Optional: Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer (TDS600 or TDS601) Note: Reduction with 6700 Series reducer (TDS600) increases the VOC of the product mixture, reduction with 6700-F Series reducer (TDS601) does not increase VOC.
    Shelf Life 1 year
    Mix Ratio Ready to Use
    Solids % (Weight) 45%
    Solids % (Volume) 38%
    Coverage 609 ft2/gal @ 1.0 mil.
    VOC - Actual 3.50#/gal (420g/l)
    Color Black

    Details for 8837-01

    Can Size Gallon
    Case Quantity 2/case
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