Panel Bond Adhesive

#1738 Panel Bond Adhesive is a 90 minute, multi-use glass sphere filled epoxy adhesive that provides a superior bond and seals that panel being bonded. The glass spheres in the product assist in obtaining the proper bond line thickness. #1738 is suitable for all non-structural bonding applications of metal, aluminum, fiberglass and SMC, including door skins, roof skins, fenders, quarter panels, cab corners, and medium and large sized panels. 

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  • Shared Details

    Color White/Gray
    VOC - Actual 0
    VOC - Regulatory 0
    Dry to Paint 1 hour
    Shelf Life 1 year
    Full Cure Strength 36 - 48 hours
    Work Time 85 - 90 minutes
    Dry to Sand Time 4.5 - 5 hours
    Full Cure Time 24 - 36 hours
    TDS Number 105

    Details for 1738

    Can Size 200 ml cartridge
    Case Quantity 6/case