Adhesion Primer

This unique combination of adhesion promoter and primer provides significant labor and cost savings. It can save up to 2 hours of labor when prepping a raw or previously primed bumper or plastic part. Adhesion Primer is a single component non-sanding primer suitable for TPO & RIM substrates. It is fast drying and offers excellent adhesion. It is available in 3 colors to best suit your needs. No need for two steps, adhesion promoter and primer all in the same step!
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  • Shared Details

    Case Quantity 6/case
    Can Size Quart
    Shelf Life 3 years
    % Solids 22%
    Reduction Not required
    Film Build 0.2-0.4 mils
    Weight / Gallon 7.67
    Flyer Current Flyer

    Details for 1074

    VOC - Actual 5.38#/gal (644 g/l)
    VOC - Regulatory 6.12#/gal (733 g/l)
    Color White

    Details for 1084

    VOC - Actual 5.40#/gal (647 g/l)
    VOC - Regulatory 6.16#/gal (738 g/l)
    Color Gray

    Details for 1094

    VOC - Actual 5.42#/gal (649 g/l)
    VOC - Regulatory 6.16#/gal (738 g/l)
    Color Black