Self Etching 1K Primer

Self Etching 1K Primer is a ready to use one component metal etching primer. It provides excellent protection against corrosion to bare metal, thereby eliminating the need for metal conditioning. Recommended for use to treat bare metal or for application under primer surfacers. 
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  • Shared Details

    Shelf Life 1 year
    TDS Number 210

    Details for 6183

    Can Size 16 oz Aerosol
    MIR Value <1.55
    Case Quantity 6/case
    Color Olive Green

    Details for 6184

    Can Size Quart
    VOC - Actual 5.51#/gal (661 g/l)
    Case Quantity 6/case
    VOC - Regulatory 6.42#/gal (769 g/l)
    Pot LIfe Up to 5 days @ 70°F and 50% R.H.
    Color Olive Green
    Mix Ratio Ready to Use

    Details for 6193

    Case Quantity 6/case
    Color Gray
    Can Size 20 oz Aerosol
    MIR Value <1.55