Stripe Removal & GP Abrasive Disc Tool Kit

#6673: Transtar Stripe Removal Tractor Wheel is a durable, nonabrasive rubber wheel designed for the removal of detail appliqu├ęs (such as pinstripes, decals, etc.), adhesive tapes and double faced tapes. Tractor style aggressively removes decals & adhesives without damaging vehicle finish.

#6674: Transtar Stripe Removal/GP Abrasive Disc Tool Kit is an eraser tool kit which includes (1) Stripe Removal Tool, (1) 6673, Stripe Removal Tractor Wheel, (1) 6675 GP Abrasive Disc (purple 2 pack), and (1) 6676 GP Disc Arbor.

#6675: GP Abrasive Disc is designed to aggressively remove rust, clean welds and remove paint.
Note: 6673 and 6675 are compatible with 6671 Transtar Stripe Removal Tool.

TDS 809.
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    Case Quantity 1/case
    TDS Number 809

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    Color Purple
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