Euro Classic DTM Primer (2.1 VOC) Black

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2.1 Low VOC Euro Classic DTM Primer is a 2K primer surfacer that can be applied directly to metal surfaces. It is quick drying and easy to sand wet or dry. It provides corrosion protection along with excellent fill and build properties. This unique primer provides improvements in productivity and reduces cycle times while providing significant labor and material savings. This primer can also be tinted using Transtar’s “Star Shade” system for a better match.

Part Number 7371
Size Gallon
Qty per Case 2/case
Appearance Black
% Solids (volume) 66%
Mix Ratio 4:1
Mix Ratio 1 4:1:1
Activator 7354/7357 Euro Classic DTM Activator
Reducer Urethane Grade Reducer 6711-F (0 VOC)
Reduction Up to 20% by volume
Pot Life 3 hours @ 70?F (21?C) and 50% RH
Coverage 4:1=725 ft2/gal or 4:1:1=604 ft2/gal
Shelf Life 1 year
Regulatory VOC 1.63@/gal (196g/l)
Actual VOC 1.07#/gal (128g/l)
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Compliance 50 State Compliant