Canadian Bodyshop Gift Card Promotion

Bodyshop Gift Card Bundle Promotion
It's A Spooky Sale!
Program Requirements: 

Buy mix and match from all (No Mix is optional) of the following Transtar branded products on one invoice to equal $700 and receive a $50 gift card!
  • Clearcoat (Gallons or 5 Liters)
  • Primer (Gallons)
  • Reducer (Gallons or 5 Gallons)
  • (Optional) No Mix Toners (250 ml, Liters or 2.5 Liters)
  • Offer open to all Canadian Bodyshops, if your jobber is participating. Contact your local jobber to confirm if they are participation in the promotion.
  • All invoices must show dates between October 1 and November 15, 2019.  
  • Invoices must be submitted, no jobber prints outs will be accepted.  $700 purchases must be on one invoice.
  • Only Transtar branded clearcoats and primers are included. True Finish and Motor City are excluded. 

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