No Mix Low VOC Refinish System
Transtar’s No Mix ® Low VOC solvent-based refinish system is a 4-in-1 solution that gives you the ability to meet the quality and economic needs of each and every job with a high-solids, medium-solids, single stage urethane and aerosol offering. With significant and continuous investments in color match, we pledge you will be satisfied with the results of every finished project.

This refinish system includes metallic, pearl, and xirallic toners. Customers have access to over 175,000 formulas (high-solids and medium-solids) and 70,000 color formulas for single stage, including a full array of alternative formulas. No Mix eliminates the need for a mixing bank; simply shake and pour. No Mix is available for purchase over-the-counter or as a system through an authorized distributor.

The No Mix Low VOC Refinish System comes complete with: 

  • 43 Solid Toners
  • 10 Metallic Toners
  • 17 Pearl Toners
  • 7 Xirallic Toners
  • Optional Single Stage Converter & Activators
  • Optional Medium-Solids Binder
  • Optional propellant filled can, just add your mixed color for aerosol basecoat
  • Variant Deck
  • Computer (CPU/ Monitor/ Mouse/ Keyboard)
  • No Mix PLUS software
  • Computer cabinet and document printer
  • Dymo label printer and refill labels
  • Panda paint scale and scale cable
  • Paint cabinet and mixing tables
  • Software that provides access to over 175,000 color formulations which includes standard and alternate formulas, SDS generation and “smart scale” interface

Factory Pack Basecoat
Transtar’s Factory Pack offerings are designed to match the OEM appearance on many domestic and foreign vehicles. Blending and tinting is not necessary with these ready-to-spray, easy-to-use basecoats that provide an excellent finish and zero hassle. 

Polyurethane Topcoat
Transtar offers a line of commerical coatings that features a high gloss topcoat with superior chemical resistance and outstanding durability. This highly productive system meets or exceeds the demanding requirements of today’s market. The high cross link density of this unique system allows it to withstand aggressive environments and provide excellent durability against severe weather conditions, prolonged exterior exposure, abrasion, impact and chemical attack.
Download our Polyurethane Top Coat Color Chart