Standard Operating Procedures for Bodyshops

What are SOPs?
1.      Prescribed methods to be followed routinely for designated operations & situations.
2.      Methods to help ensure consistency & quality in work.
3.      Written instructions to document, operationalize & communicate processes & best practices.
4.      List of essential tasks & how to do the tasks for business success.
Transtar SOPs make use of our extensive knowledge of best practices & solutions for a wide range of body shop processes.  Take advantage of Transtar SOPs for your shop today.
What can good procedures do for your Shop?
  • Ensure Consistent Results
  • Minimize Errors
  • Support Quality Goals
  • Save Time & Improve Productivity
  • Empower your Workforce
  • Reduce Training Costs

Corrosion Protection

Prep & Sanding Process

Metal Repair & Refinish Process

Plastic Repair & Refinish Process

Color/Basecoat Process

Clear & Detail Process