Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Transtar has SDS sheets available for download on all of our products.

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Plastic Repair

  • Hydroflex Super Hi-Build Waterborne Primer
  • Hydroflex® Waterborne Primer
  • OEM Flex Primer
  • Plasto-Mend Universal Plastic Repair (Gray)
  • Universal Quick Adhesive

Adhesives and Sealants

  • Automotive Attachment Tape Adhesion Promoter
  • Control Flow Seam Sealer
  • Door Skin Adhesive
  • Panel Bond Adhesive
  • Ultra Flex Sprayable Seam Sealer
  • Ultra Flex Seam Sealer and Adhesive
  • Ultra-Flex Brushable Seam Sealer
  • Urethane Seam Sealer
  • Urethane Windshield Adhesive

Specialty Coatings

  • Paragon™ All Purpose Cleaner
  • Melt Away Edge Blender
  • Only 1 Glaze Polyester Finishing Putty
  • Pit-Fill Spot Putty
  • Low Spot Finder "Guide Coat"
  • Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner
  • Rubberized Undercoat
  • Tex Coat Clear
  • Jammin' Clear

Tools and Accessories

Prep Products

  • Aqua SCAT 2 Waterborne Degreaser
  • SCAT Wax & Grease Remover
  • Speedi SCAT Wax & Grease Remover
  • Scuff & Prep Paste and Ruff Stuff

Primers and Sealers

  • 2K Hi-Performance Acrylic Urethane Primer
  • Kwik Fill Polyester Primer



  • Hi Gloss Clearcoat
  • Kwik Finish 2.1 Low VOC Clearcoat
  • Kwik Gloss Acrylic Urethane Clearcoat
  • Motor City Clearcoat (4.2 VOC)
  • Motor City Clearcoat (2.1 VOC)
  • Motor City Clearcoat Activators
  • True Finish Urethane Clearcoat (2.1 VOC)
  • Transtar Select Royal Clearcoat


  • Appearance Improver
  • Fisheye Remover
  • Low VOC Polyurethane Enamel Hardener
  • Universal Urethane Activator
  • Universal Urethane Flex Additive
  • Urethane Flattening Agent

Spray Guns

Tools and Accessories

Compounds and Glazes

  • Machine Polish
  • Swirl Remover

Tools and Accessories

No Mix Low VOC Refinish System

  • High-Solids (HS) Basecoat (RTU)
  • Medium-Solids (MS) Basecoat (RTU)
  • No Mix Aerosol Basecoat
  • Single Stage (SS) Urethane (RTU)

Polyurethane Topcoats

  • 1K Frame Black Industrial Enamel
  • Polyurethane Topcoat Anti-Sag
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoat
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoat Activator
  • Urethane Accelerator

Factory Pack Basecoat

  • Factory Pack Empress Black Basecoat
  • Signature Series Factory Pack


  • Hydroflex Plus Waterborne Primer
  • 1K Fast Primer
  • Signature Series Production Clearcoat
  • Signature Series Hydrobase DTM Primer
  • Plasto-Mend Rigid Plastic Repair
  • Weld Through Primer

Signature Series Clearcoats, Primers and Sealers

  • Signature Series Glamour Clearcoat
  • Signature Series Speed Clearcoat
  • Signature Series Glamour Clearcoat Old

ClearSystem™ Clearcoats & Activators

  • ClearSystem™ Premium Universal Clearcoat
  • ClearSystem™ Euro Glamour Clearcoat
  • ClearSystem™ Premium Universal Clearcoat