Low VOC Sealer

No Mix Low VOC Sealer offers excellent adhesion to bare metal, aluminum, SMC, fiberglass, old paint finishes and all Transtar primers. It has excellent leveling and gloss hold out properties and is compatible with most solvent and water basecoat/clearcoat and single stage systems. Can be used without sanding on OEM E-coat panels.
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  • Shared Details

    Color Gray
    Activator Activators (LV-604/LV-614/LV-624)
    Reducer Reducer (LV-541/LV-551/LV-571/LV-581)
    Pot LIfe 2.5 hours (@70°F and 50% relative humidity)
    VOC - Actual 0.85#/gal (102 g/l)
    VOC - Regulatory 1.75#/gal (210 g/l)
    Coverage 568 ft2/gal @ 1 mil
    Mix Ratio 4:1:1
    Shelf Life 3 years

    Details for LV-631

    Case Quantity 2/case
    Can Size Gallon