Signature Series Glamour Clearcoat

Signature Series Glamour Clearcoat is a premium high solids clearcoat that delivers an unsurpassed appearance for multi-panel and overall repairs. It features optimum flow and leveling, excellent flexibility, UV protection and is highly resistant to stone chips and abrasions. This product is ideal for use over single stage or base/clearcoat applications. 9561 may be used in air dry, downdraft or force dry applications.
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    Mix Ratio 2:1
    VOC - Actual 1.05#/gal (128 g/l)
    VOC - Regulatory 1.88#/gal (226 g/l)
    Activator 9400 Signature Series Activators
    Coverage 724 ft2/gal @ 1 mil.
    Pot LIfe 2 hours @ 78°F (26°C)
    Reducer Optional: Transtar Urethane Grade Reducer. (Note: Reduction with 6700 Series reducer increases the VOC of the product mixture, reduction with 6700-F Series reducer does not increase VOC.
    Reduction Up to 5% if desired.
    Solids % (Volume) 45%
    Solids % (Weight) 47%
    Shelf Life 3 years
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