High-Solids (HS) Basecoat (RTU)

The No Mix HS Low VOC Basecoat System is a high performance tinting system that requires no mechanical agitation. The system exhibits exceptional hiding, metallic and pearl control, which increase productivity, improve color match and reduce cycle times.  Mix basecoat colors are available for purchase through your local jobber. TDS 901.
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    TDS Number 901

    Details for LV-HS

    Shelf Life 1 year
    Mix Ratio 1 part No Mix HS Low VOC Basecoat to 1½ parts reducer.
    Pot LIfe Unactivated - unlimited; Activated - 8 hours
    Reducer Transtar’s Zero VOC Urethane Grade Reducer (TDS601) or Urethane Grade Reducer (TDS600) appropriate to the shop conditions.
    Reduction 1½ parts