Universal Quick Adhesive

Universal Quick Adhesive, #1458, is a fast-curing, urethane adhesive designed for plastic repairs. #1458 is ideal for quickly repairing bumper tabs, brackets, headlight buckets and grills. It is an excellent choice for bonding backer panels, moldings, emblems and most small plastic, metal and aluminum parts. Universal Quick Adhesive is specially formulated for most automotive plastics, (including TPO, PP, PE) as well as metal, SMC, and fiberglass. This high strength adhesive is sandable and offers great featheredging characteristics with no pinholing. 
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  • Shared Details

    Work Time 1 - 2 minutes
    Dry to Paint 5 minutes
    Dry to Sand Time 8 - 15 minutes
    Full Cure Time 1 hour
    Color Black
    % Solids 100
    Shelf Life 1 year
    VOC - Actual 0
    VOC - Regulatory 0

    Details for 1458

    Can Size 200 ml
    Case Quantity 6/case